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Our Story

Anderson 250 Div 1 Superkart racing photoAnderson 250 Div 1 Superkart racing photo

Born from passion

Anderson Karts was born with the pure passion for Karting by its founder Russell Anderson. Emigrating from New Zealand to the UK in the late 70’s to work with the late great Martin Hines who he enjoyed a true friendship.

In the early years concentration was focused on engine preparation to the highest level with success on the World stage was enjoyed with names synonymous in the Superkarts. Martin Hines, Lennart Bohlin, Wade Nelson, Perry Grandstra, Tim Parrot and Trevor Roberts are but to name a few Champions of the early era.

“Karting is part of our DNA, we live for the thrill this sport gives to us all. We are proud to launch our latest  range of Superkarts online, our Marketplace – which will grow with regular changing products relating to our brand – and our Dunlop Kartsport Tyre Shop. Keep a lookout for us on social media as well. I hope you enjoy exploring our new website.”
Russell Anderson – Founder
One step ahead of the rest
Elkmann wins his fourth European Championship title

Striving for perfection

The natural progress into Chassis development coupled with good reliable engine performance brought new names into our world. Certainly credits must go to the help and effort of the drivers in more modern times that enjoyed success along the way.

John Riley was instrumental in the early development of our Maverick Superkart.  Success followed with Champions around the World. John Riley, Gavin Bennett, Graham Barker, Emanuel Vinuales and Jordie Ford who we salute for their title successes.

Performance & quality

The old saying of success breeds success still rings true with the performances of the top drivers choosing the new Div 1 Maverick 3. Names like; Elkmann, Morley, Jost (the 1, 2, 3 in Europe), Pegoraro, Jamieson, Harpas, Ford & Urban (Australia and NZ).

The mono history is equally well bred with great performances in Europe and the UK by drivers; Gavin Bennett, Jordie Ford, Jack Layton, Sam Moss, Gareth James, Lee Plain and many more.

As a brand we continue to develop product within our own factory where we have control over our destiny. This has always enabled us to maintain the quality and performance of the product along with ensuring a well stocked parts department.

Success story

We Designed and developed a purpose built Maverick for the 125cc class which has enjoyed untold success by all those who have experienced its reliability and dominance.

The undeniable performance of this kart has certainly played a great part in the success story so far. Liam Morley, Sam Moss, Nick Schembri, Matt Robinson and Alan Crossen are but a few names who have showcased this kart.

Matt Robinson
Nick Schembri

Passion & Progress

We are excited to appoint a distributor in Australia through well known Scott Williams at Slipstream Signs who will undertake to promote and help our customers down under.

Alongside launching our new website we are also making tyres available to buy online from the Dunlop Kartsport store.

One thing we at Anderson Karts believe is that people must enjoy the experience of racing our products be it in the winner’s circle, or close to it. This is what drives us forward every day. A successful reputation is hard to achieve but very easy to lose.

My thanks to our very loyal staff; Matt, Mark and Dale who are all equally passionate about every product we make.

Thank you for reading our story please view our product range and discover our karts.

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