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Design & Manufacturing

Chassis & components

Our chassis materials are aerospace quality with every batch of tube being certified to the same specification. Only this way can we guarantee the exact same performance of each and every chassis we produce. The quality of our welding process is revered by all. Truly the work of master craftsmen. All of our team are very proud of the product they produce, ensuring every component meets our exacting standard.

All Anderson Karts are equipped with 5-Star components. We benefit from our in house design and manufacturing processes utilising our CAD drawing and programming system for all our machined components. These are produced on our Haas CNC lathe and 4 axis milling machines. Continuing development from race track to manufacture keeps us ahead of the game.

Haas CNC 4 axis
Haas CNC machining brake callipers

Aerodynamics & tyre development

Aerodynamics in Superkarts is such an important component for the driver. The feel, the balance and ultimate speed that the machine delivers. Our new wing design coupled with the driver faring (bubble) has been the latest massive step forward. An area where we never stand still in our “quest to be the best”.

Dunlop Superkart Tyres are developed in cooperation with Anderson Karts who are the UK distributor for all Dunlop Kart racing tyres. Clearly giving all our customers the peace of mind that they have a machine in harmony when the rubber meets the track. Again stocked in house and available now from our Dunlop Kartsport online tyre shop.

“We are dedicated to producing Superkarts that win races and Championships World-Wide. Driver analysis and test programs from all continents are fed back to us ensuring our reaction to achieve our goal is very reactive by our dedicated production team.”
Russell Anderson – Founder
125 rear brake assembly
5 STAR brake master cylinder

Assembly & Race Setup

Every kart we produce is bespoke and hand built to the specification of each individual order. Each chassis alignment is double checked prior to assembly. All sub assemblies are meticulously checked and set up during this process.

We take great care and pride that every kart that leaves our factory prepared for the engine installation.

All karts are race ready and set up to our factory specification which can be found for each model below. This setting is the perfect start point and experience has shown only very minor variations to suit individual driver adjustments are made.

Download and print our spec sheets for your records:
250 Div 1 Setup
250 Mono Setup
125 Setup
Liam Morley
Nick Schembri

After sales

A key factor to our success story is of course the services that we offer:

We believe that being the manufacturer it is one of our main functions to ensure spare parts from the smallest to the largest items are in stock.

We hold the inventory so you don’t have too.

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