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Anderson 250 Div 1 Superkart

Anderson 250 Div 1 SuperkartAnderson Maverick 3 250 Div 1 Superkart Front Perspective
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The latest generation of Anderson’s World leading technology
“Handling, braking and aero package upgrades bring a stunning step forward in performance.”
Peter Elkmann
CIK-FIA Superkart Champion 2008, 2017, 2018, 2019
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World Champion
European Champion
British Champion
Australian Champion
United States Champion
New Zealand Champion
French Champion
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Anderson 250 Div 1 Superkart




– Length: 210cm
– Width: 130cm
– Height: 60cm
– Wheelbase: 112cm


– 32mm & 30mm aerospace tubing
– Adjustable track & wheelbase
– Double rail side bars & bumpers
– Quick release seat & bubble mounts
– Motor mounts for: VM - DEA - PVP - FPE – BRC


– FIVE STAR “BIG” brake system
– 4 pot front callipers / 6 pot rear calliper
– Adjustable brake bias control
– 172mm x 12mm front disk / rotors
– 200mm x 16mm rear disk / rotor


– Anodized alloy components
– Foot clutch
– Left or right hand gear shift
– Clutch & throttle cables
– Alloy water hose kit
– Twin radiators (side & rear)
– Floor tray with veined diffuser
– 17ltr. aluminium fuel tank
– Quick change cush drive sprocket carrier
– Edwards Futura wheels
– Seat with separate headrest


– Assembled ready for engine installation

Optional Extras

– Carbon fibre bodywork
– Quick release steering wheel
– Rack & pinion steering box
– Hydraulic foot or hand clutch
– Dunlop Tyres
– Silicone hose kit
– Water drain down kit
– Rain light (without battery or switch)
– Drilling for Loc Wire (US specification)


– Packing box for freight. Size 190 x 132 x 62 cm
– Collection from the factory or world-wide export available POA

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Factory Setup

Standard Factory Settings


– 1035mm measured from the front face of the rear axle bearing carrier to the centre of the top king-pin bolt (top upright bolt)


– 0 to ½ deg positive with wheels in straight ahead position


– Parallel to 1mm toe out

Front Track (965mm)

– 35mm in each side from the end of the shaft to the hub face

Rear Track (1080mm)

– 40mm in each side from the end of the axle to the hub face

Tyre Pressure

– Front 10 psi (recommended as start point)
– Rear 12 psi (recommended as start point)

Wing Angle (Curved Wing)

This is measured by laying a straight edge fore and aft on the top of the wing at the extreme outer position (next to the end plate) and measuring the angle in relationship to the track using an angle gauge. The new wing section has produced excellent downforce with very low drag when used with the below settings.
– Dry Conditions -4 or -6 degrees.
– Wet Conditions -2 degrees.

Wing Angle (Flat Wing)

This is measured by laying a straight edge fore and aft on the top of the wing and measuring the angle in relationship to the track using an angle gauge
– Dry Conditions 0 to +2 degrees
– Wet Conditions +2 to +4 degrees
– The wing stalls at settings above +9 degrees

Nose Height

 This setting is the base setting (starting point) that most drivers finds gives the best balance:
– 25mm at the front edge
– 30mm at rear edge

Changes for Wet Conditions

We recommend the following changes: 
– Tracking to 5mm toe-out.
– Front tyre pressure: 18psi
– Rear tyre pressure: 20psi

Download Factory Settings

Download and print our spec sheet for your records: